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We Love Paper Samples

19 May 2023

The Team
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What Are Paper Samples?

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Paper samples, every designer loves them. When new samples appear in the office there’s a general sense of excitement like sugar craving kids around an ice cream van waiting for their fix. Although digital now takes a huge percentage of how we view information, the options for incredible paper stocks are bigger than ever.

Uncoated paper has recently taken a huge surge in popularity, with many fashion and gift brochures taking on a more natural look and feel. It offers much more than the standard glossy finish of the everyday magazine or catalogue, like different textures, colours, the way the ink has a stylish matt finish or even the smell of quality. There has also been an increase in smaller brochures with more of an editorial style to selling a smaller product range, again with print finish taken into consideration to offer more than a standard glossy monologue that may not get noticed. These are great for coming up with something individual to promote your brand or products, while engaging the customer with something more interesting to read than the usual catalogue.

Albemarle Independent College Prospectus
Paper Samples - G.F Smith

Also on the up, and another keen favourite for designers, are bespoke letterpress business cards and stationary. There are many small letterpress companies setting up using original techniques, giving a unique and very classy finish. Coupled will some stunning foil blocking along with the embossing, you can get some really impressive retro finishes. From a first impressions point of view, this will put you right out in front of your competitors. Obviously, there are bigger costs for these techniques, but they can really pay off if you want to impress clients or customers.

Some time ago, we had a visit from the lovely people at Fedrigoni who specialise in paper stock, based in Verona, Italy. As their range of paper stock has increased so has their global popularity which boasts offices in multiple countries. A major rival to G.F. Smith, they offer a huge range of different paper stocks, finishes and colours and are more than happy to talk through a job to help you get the most out of their papers.

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Beta and The Wave Concepts

You can’t go wrong with some delicious chocolate! This branding and packaging concept from Beta and The Wave Concepts is a perfect example of bold, innovative design. We love how this clean branding is paired with sleek packaging, and the brilliant photography just pulls it all together. Excellent work!

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Album of the week

We love a bit of music in the studio so here’s what we’ve been listening to this week.


Cracker Island – 2023

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