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No. 12 Weekly Wrap Up

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Social Video

What we’ve been up to…

A social video is a great form of digital marketing and excellent way to communicate with your clients! We’ve been busy shooting and editing various videos for Samuel Windsor, in various dynamic styles exploring the use of lighting. You can check out more of their stock here!

Samuel Windsor Chelsea Boot Social Video
Samuel Windsor Social Video Group Shot
Samuel Windsor four shoes Weekly

Samuel Windsor are a excellent brand that we have worked alongside for a long time – and you can see loads more of our work with them here! They specialise in men’s fashion, providing high quality and bespoke clothing and footwear. We have provided our expertise in photography on numerous occasions for the quality brand however, this is one of the first times we have explored the impact of short videos with them!

Short, fifteen second videos are designed specifically for use across various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and are effective in drawing in plenty new consumers! Skills required in a project like this include careful and precise filming and also video editing knowledge. How do you think they turned out?

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Album of the week

We love a bit of music in the studio so here’s what we’ve been listening to this week.

Black Honey

Fistful of
Peaches – 2023

Album of The Week - Black Honey