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Prospectus Design

A prospectus is often the first impression that a parent or prospective student has of your school, college or university. So it is so important to get it right! It’s an opportunity to showcase your facilities and give students and parents a positive introduction to who you are.

eden brochure design

It is near essential for a school to provide some form of prospectus. Not only to establish trust between potential schools and its students’ guardians. But a prospectus also helps the aspiring student determine whether or not a school, university or course is perfect for them. One of our favourite prospectus designs was for Albemarle Independent College, check it out!

Leigh UTC front cover of brochure

At Creative Mouse, we can bring your school, college or university to life through effective design and photography. Our designers understand that each school is unique, so we will work closely with you to capture your vision and values and portray your ethos, personality and achievements. We work hard to truly understand what makes your school, college or university special to ensure each prospectus we design is as individual as you are.

We have plenty of experience creating effective and eye-catching prospectuses. If you want to get started in creating the perfect prospect to showcase the individuality of your establishment, drop us a message!

Albemarle College prospectus pages

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eden brochure design

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