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Promotional Flyers

Promotional flyers are a cost effective, versatile way of getting your message across to your target audience. Whether you need a flyer to launch a new product, announce an upcoming event, promote an offer or share important information, a flyer is an efficient way of generating interest and communicating your message.

Whether a flyer is part of your marketing plan or a one off design, at Creative Mouse we will work on all sizes projects to ensure the content and messages are results driven to maximise return.

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Direct Mail Alfa Leaflet

Flyers can be distributed through letterboxes, inserted into newspapers and magazines, mailed directly to your customers or handed out on the street.

Tipton annual report covers
WLEP digital report
WLEP Annual report
Airband annual report design

Recent projects


Fairwork – University of Oxford

Airband Designs van mockup No. 8