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Print Isn’t Dead!

16th June 2023

The Team
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It’s Alive and Kicking!

How can we help you…

It’s a common misconception that the medium of print is well past its time. Especially since the world of design has gradually grown more and more digital. However, this isn’t necessarily the case! Print is alive and kicking – and we aim to present to you the many benefits of printed design!

It isn’t a secret that something physical is more likely to remain in the thoughts of someone who comes across it. The tactile nature of a printed document is much more memorable, and you can enhance this further by exploring excellent design and memorable finishes. Stand out against competitors with brilliant print!

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Another important benefit of printed design to acknowledge is that it effectively establishes a bond of trust between a brand and its consumers. Perhaps we’re biased because print is our bread and butter – but we are confident advocates for the importance of print in media.

If you are curious about what assistance, we can lend you regarding print. Be it brochure design, catalogue design or anything else physical – drop us a message! You can contact us here, and we will help you by designing an excellent piece of design.

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Tiago Galo

We love how a splash of colour can breathe life into a big space, and this amazing mural from Tiago Galo does just that! Briefed with representing an endangered species of Portugal, Tiago chose the impressive Sunfish. Isn’t it brilliant? Photography by chikolaev.

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Album of the week

We love a bit of music in the studio so here’s what we’ve been listening to this week.

Big Moon

Here Is
Everything – 2022

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