In an age where everything is digital, you may think print marketing is dead. Far from it, PRINT IS ALIVE AND KICKING! Printed brochures, catalogues and other marketing material can be used alongside online activities to help communicate to your target audiences.


Brochures, catalogues, direct mail, flyers and posters etc, are all physical products designed to create the wow factor. Printed materials allow for great creativity, whether this is in the size, shape and texture or with the use of folds, inks or die cuts.


A digital advert, tweet or an email will disappear almost instantly, but print hangs around. A well designed brochure could be around for days, months or even years!


A brochure can go anywhere, they don’t need wifi hotspots. They’re like a little travelling sales person and they’re engaging. Print design stands without technology.


Digital is the new medium used by all industries but without print your audience will find it difficult to trust your brand. A screen is a screen and adverts tend to merge into one as the consumer is browsing, studies have found that readers of print maintain their capacity to read for longer and focus more on what they’re reading. Your brand truly relies on the power of print.


Print is definitely still ALIVE and KICKING!

If you have any design questions or queries or think we can help you with any of your design needs please get in touch! We are always happy to discuss any projects you might have from online brochures to printed literature and marketing.