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Weekly Wrap Up No. 6

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Heartbeat hero Presentation folder
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Heartbeat Presentation Folder

What we’ve been up to…

Prior to update No. 6, we have been working with Heartbeat to produce fresh new business cards, case studies and a presentation folder that they can show said case studies in.

Heartbeat Logo Presentation folder
Heartbeat photography Presentation folder
Heartbeat leaflets Presentation folder

Business cards are an excellent way for brands and franchises to share the important details of their company, from trade shows to passing conversations there is always a place for business cards! And a well-designed presentation folder will allow a company to maintain a level of professionalism when sharing documentation.

Weekly Update moodboards Presentation folder
creative mouse branding



Moodboards are an excellent way to convey a design direction to clients. We can use them to keep clients up to speed with our ideas in an accessible way which makes the design process a lot easier! Drop us a message to see how we can help with all your design needs in a clear way.

creative mouse branding


Salt Media

We love a good coffee in the studio, and this useful little book ensures we know where to grab a good one! Brilliant, bold design from Salt Media and informative contents. Great work!

Weekly update inspiration Presentation folder
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Album of the week

We love a bit of music in the studio so here’s what we’ve been listening to this week.

Black Country,
New Road

Ants From
Up There – 2022

Album of The Week Black Country New Road Presentation folder