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Severn Arts

Severn Arts, a thriving charitable arts company, were formed in June 2018. They bring high quality music and arts to a wide range of people across Worcestershire through innovative partnership working.

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We have been working with Severn Arts to update their visual identity, giving them a more professional and exciting image. They are a fantastic organisation with lots of exciting events and festivals planned for Worcestershire. We look forward to continuing working alongside with them on their creative journey. As creatives ourselves, we can absolutely advocate for the importance of creativity and the arts. This makes the work that Severn Trent are doing important to us!

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Developing a new brand identity can be a particularly large job, however, our great team enjoyed it! There is so much more to a visual identity than just the logo. Finding a vibrant and innovative way to convey this company’s lively tone of voice has been an enjoyable task. We as a creative agency have plenty of experience in the creation and further development of brands and their identities. Curious what else we have to offer regarding a visual identity? You should absolutely check out more examples of this exciting work here!

Severn Arts Branding
Severn Arts logo - logo designers
Severn Arts Website Design
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Servern Arts brand identity Design Decoded
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