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Palmer & Howells

Palmer & Howells is an experienced specialist catering provider offering a bespoke high quality service to the independent school sector. Based in the UK, Palmer & Howells have over 20 years experience serving healthy, fresh and responsibly sourced food.

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Palmer & Howells - Mockup

We began by brainstorming and sketching initial ideas, which we would then present to the client. We presented a selection of mood boards to demonstrate the direction their branding and media style should go. This included logo references, photography styles, possible tone of voice, marketing tools and event space ideas.

As the branding had to have a high quality look and feel, we approached a range of printers looking for finishing options like block foiling, letterpress and UV lamination. The business cards feature superb gold foil blocking on both front and back finished with a soft velvet laminate, going forward this style will be replicated on all brochures and documents.

A fantastic company to work with who were very open to our suggestions and creative ideas. We look forward to continuing to work with them.

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We love a bit of branding work in the studio. If you want to know how we can help to develop your own amazing brand, drop us a message here!

Palmer & Howells Logo
Palmer & Howells Physical
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