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Merrell Casting – Branding

Merrell Casting is a business housed within Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. They are a part of Hockley Mint, who are their parent company and a brand we have worked alongside for some time.

cm graphic

We designed a new logo and brand identity for them, which reflected their merging of the traditional and contemporary. We wanted to represent the process of casting in the logo design, whilst also maintaining the elegance of jewellery crafting. The warm glow of molten metal is also represented by the colour scheme in contrast with a deep, dark blue.

Brand guidelines - Merrel Casting

If you’re getting curious about what we can do to help you with your brand, be it through graphic design or amazing photography, don’t hesitate to drop us a message here!

Merrel Casting - Photography
Merrel Casting - Photography
Merrel Casting - Photography
cm graphic

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