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Hartlebury Castle

Hartlebury Castle is a heritage site which houses the impressive Worcestershire County Museum. We’ve been working with their team on many creative projects recently, including a new visitor map illustration.

cm graphic
Map Illustration

Our task, was ensuring the map illustration depicted the Hartlebury Castle site in a clear and accessible way. However, also in a way that accurately reflects the prestige of the building and beautiful green surroundings. We opted for a vector illustration with a clear style to lend itself to accessibility. The detail in the illustration grows towards the centre of the image, and disperses slightly as it spreads out. All done to not only draw the eye to the building itself, but create a clear space to implement typographic features.

Hartlebury Castle - Map Illustration
Hartlebury Castle Map Illustration - Climbing Frame
Hartlebury Castle Map Illustration Bifold
Map Illustration Hartlebury Castle Logo

We were very happy with how this illustration worked out, and look forward to more potential illustrative work in the future. Knowing that our work will help visitors navigate and appreciate this beloved heritage site drives us to continue serving our community through design. If you’re curious how we could help you with your own illustrations, or design work – drop us a message!

cm graphic

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