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Lazenby Page – Estate Agent┬áBranding

Lazenby Page are a Worcestershire-based estate agency who also specialize in interior design. We were approached by their brilliant, family-run team to help establish the brand through sleek Estate Agent Branding.

The founders of Lazenby Page were made well-aware of the lack of personalization in the estate agent industry, and aimed to change that. They combined their knowledge of property and home moving and their daughter’s interior design, complementing each other with their skills.

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The initial stages of determining a brand’s identity are the most important, outlining all the rules a brand must abide by is essential in maintaining consistency. Brand guidelines ensure consistency in visual elements like logos, colour schemes, typography, and imagery. Consistency is vital for creating a strong and recognizable brand identity.

Regularity creates trust regarding a brand, and trust is essential if you want clients! But that’s not the only benefit. Within an expending business, consistent branding becomes even more useful. Guidelines make it easier to onboard new employees, agencies, or partners, ensuring everyone understands and follows the brand standards.

Lazenby Page brand guidelines
Lazenby Stickers Mockup Estate Agent Branding
Lazenby Font Estate Agent Branding
Lazenby Mobile Design Estate Agent Branding
Lazenby Envelope Estate Agent Branding
Lazenby Page Brand Identity - Estate Agent Branding
Lazenby Page Brand Identity - Estate Agent Branding

Want to elevate your brand and create an impressive presence, both online and in print? Our friendly team are here to turn your vision into captivating designs and seamless web experiences. Whether you need a distinctive brand identity that resonates with your audience or a website that combines aesthetics with functionality, we are here to help. Drop us a message here!

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