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Izabel London

Izabel London are a clothing brand aimed at the fashion conscious, modern woman. Stocked in stores such as Debenhams, Dorothy Perkins, Sainsbury’s and Simply Be, they strive to make you feel confident, comfortable and most importantly, body positive.

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Fashion brochure design

We have been working with Izabel London designing their fashion catalogue. With strong branding and photography, we kept the design fresh and appropriate for their brand with the aim of increasing sales and attracting new customers.

But why is it so important for a fashion company to feature a strong catalogue? Each page is a showcase of your unique style, telling the world what sets your brand apart. From elegant evening gowns to casual chic, it’s a visual feast that celebrates your fashion identity. A well-designed catalogue inspires your customers, igniting their imagination about how they can look and feel in your outfits. It’s like an invitation to experiment, and embrace different styles.

Izabel fashion photography
Fashion brochure Design Decoded - Services
Izabel fashion brochure
Izabel brand logo
Izabel online catalogue
Izabel model photography
Fashion catalogue design

A well-organized catalogue makes the shopping journey enjoyable. Potential customers will look up to your catalogue for inspiration, making it a platform to introduce innovative styles and designs to the world. It plays an integral part in appealing to consumers, old and new. If you’re curious about how our friendly team can help you create a captivating catalogue – drop us a message!

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Fashion brochure Design Decoded - Services

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