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Eco Chic

Eco Chic create fun, practical, and long-lasting products from recycled or sustainable materials. Designed to go against waste culture and committed to drive change that benefits people and the planet.

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We have produced a range of photography for Eco Chic ranging from individual product shots, large group shots right up to bright and bold model shoots. Our matching of colourful backgrounds against their fun designs offer a clean yet impactful catalogue of images for use in product display stands, retail websites and social media campaigns.

eco chic bags
eco-chic cups
Eco Chic wide shot with pink background product
Eco Chic using flask at desk lifestyle
Eco Chic green background standing with cup

In product photography, bold colours add excitement, draw attention, and create a memorable experience for your customers. Amidst a sea of products, bold colours act like a bright sign, grabbing your customer’s attention immediately. Colours and the connotations are massively important and powerful! When customers see your product in bold colours, they might associate it with positive feelings. This makes them more likely to engage and make a purchase.

Colour is just one of the many important things we take into account when planning a photoshoot to showcase products. If you’re curious what else we prioritize in our shoot production, drop us a message and find out how we can get started helping you out. Quality photography plays an enormous role in a strong brand, after all!

cm graphic

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