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Dani Halsall

We’ve had the pleasure of working with former GB athlete Dani Halsall. Over the past few months, we helped on a new project she has been working on.

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Dani Hasall - Logo

Dani Halsall was combining her knowledge and expertise to write a running guide for beginners to intermediate runners. She got in touch with Creative Mouse to help create the guides and bring the project together.

Dani initially required a logo and branding which reflected her and what she was aiming to achieve. We then worked on creating the pages for the guides. Dani also required images throughout the guides of specific exercises and moves. We took these shots in our studio and then went to a local running track for some location photography to use throughout the guide as well.

It has been great working with Dani and hope to continue to do so in the future.

It was a great practice to combine our expertise in both photography and graphic design. This brief stands as proof of the convenience of having our own in house photographer and studio! If you are interested in how we can lend both our design and photography knowledge to you, get in contact here!

Dani Hasall - Mockup
Dani Hasall - Photo
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