Acturis is one of the UK’s highest rated and fastest growing technology companies, dedicated to delivering client solutions and helping them streamline their business with a more connected approach to insurance.

We have been working with Acturis to update their range of digital brochures giving them a modern illustrative look. It was important that we kept to their main brand colours to strengthen the overall company image and maintain consistency throughout.

As we were using illustrations rather than photography we wanted to choose a modern simplistic illustration style that we could use to accompany the text content and help to tell a story on the pages.

The clean minimal pages along with the vibrant illustrations helped to make the brochures easy to read and follow on-screen. It also meant that the same style could be adapted to work on their website and across their social media platforms – again helping to enhance the branding and keep consistency.


Digital Brochure Design



What We Did

Concepts, Design, illustration

Build on existing brand colours and themes.
Crete a modern illustrative approach that can work across all platforms.
Strengthen your brand in an engaging way.

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