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Logo Design

A logo is perhaps the single most important part of your brand identity. It needs to be unique, memorable and stand the test of time. A successful logo will encourage new customers to get you know your brand. It will also distinguish you from the competition and enforces brand loyalty. It is a symbol of trust and reputation and should provide an immediate sense of what your company is all about.

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Kin & Kin branding logo - logo designers

Working closely with you to understand your market, your competition and your values, our design team will begin the design process and explore styles, icons, colour ways and typefaces and design a range of logo concepts for initial discussion. After reviewing and discussing with you, our designers will develop and finalise your logo in a variety of formats for you to use across any print and web material.

From sketches to a finalized and polished design, the process of designing a logo has multiple essential stages. Our team of logo designers work together through each of these stages to ensure the best final design. From Severn Arts to Kin & Kin, we have had our fair share of logo development and plenty of experience. If you’re curious how we can help you with some excellent logo design, drop us a message. Alternatively, learn more about one of our previous branding projects here!

Logo Design Sketches
Severn Arts logo - logo designers
Logo Design - logo designers - Branding is Important
Roots in Time branding logo design
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