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Weekly Wrap Up No. 10

24 February 2023

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No.10 Arches Light Night Performers
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Arches Light Night

What we’ve been up to…

This week featured the brilliant Arches Light Night, once the sun went down and the lights turned up, we wandered down to have a look at the great display!

The event included huge interactive structures that melded the excitement of sound and light to keep everyone engaged, beautiful subtle installations and even the occasional scheduled live performance. After exploring the illuminated streets of Worcester for long enough it was also all too easy to be tempted by the food vans, especially the Hereford-based Beefy Boys! From entertainment to amazing food – there was something for everyone at the Light Night!

No.10 Arches Light Night Ladder
No.10 Arches Light Night Parade
No.10 Arches Light Night Stall
No.10 Arches Light Night Windows
No.10 Arches Light Night Blue Balls
Social Media What Three Words
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Weekly Social

What Three Words

Fancy an alternative way to locate our friendly little studio? Using what3words These words lead right to our desks: fence.chefs.marble Come say hi if you need help with any of your design needs!

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Weekly Inspiration

We love music in the studio, as our album of the week confirms! That’s helps make this amazing compilation of gig posters from various artists so appealing to us. The text from Clay Hayes celebrates over 700 brilliant pieces of artwork pulled from the collection of Great stuff!

Social Inspiration
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Album of the week

We love a bit of music in the studio so here’s what we’ve been listening to this week.

The Murder

– 2023

Album of The Week - Murder Capital