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No. 11 Weekly Wrap Up

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No.11 Embrace Muhra Jewellery Collection Hero
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Embrace Jewellery Photography

What we’ve been up to…

We recently worked with Embrace The Middle East to shoot some jewellery photography for their International Women’s Day 2023 Giveaway. Learn more aboout it here!

No.11 Embrace Muhra Jewellery Collection Collection 2
No.11 Embrace Muhra Jewellery Collection Necklance & Bracelet
No.11 Embrace Muhra Jewellery Collection Image Earrings
No.11 Embrace Muhra Jewellery Collection Collection

Embrace The Middle East are a charity organization who work to support their Christian partners located in the Middle East, where they prioritise showing care towards particularly marginalized communities. We have worked with this charitable group on numerous occasions in the past for advertisement and leaflet designs but also a large sum of photographs of the various products that this organization offers. From felt tree ornaments to intricately painted, handmade crockery – we have had a lot of range on what we photograph for Embrace The Middle East – and the jewellery we were tasked to shoot was no different.

The mix of beautiful hand-made jewellery was to be given away in a charity draw designed to raise money for international women’s day 2023. The sterile white background whilst seemingly minimalistic allows the bright details of the various pieces stand out. Which is your favourite item in the shoot?

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Album of the week

We love a bit of music in the studio so here’s what we’ve been listening to this week.


Ugly – 2023

Album of The Week Ugly