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Design Decoded – Brochures

2 June 2023

The Team
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Poppy Shop brochure Design Decoded
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Our Quick Guide to Design Lingo

How can we help you…

Understanding the basics of brochure design can be very useful when it comes to asking for what you want. That is why we have put together this nifty little list of design-related jargon and definitions! Everything listed below is important for us to take into consideration and incorporate into our design. Take a read if you’d like to understand brochure design – decoded!

1 • The Basics of Typography
Tracking is the s p a c i n g between characters.

Leading is the spacing between lines of text.

Baseline is the imaginary line upon which text sits on.

2 • How Should Content Be Aligned?
Alignment is the arrangement or position of text or an image – left, right, centred. You can also have text that is justified and spread evenly to both margins.

3 • What Is A Grid?
A tool in design programs that includes a set of horizontal and vertical lines to help in structuring and organising content. We find the use of grids essential in maintaining a level of consistency throughout a document and keeping it tidy.

Servern Arts brand identity Design Decoded
Brochure Design Alfa Travel Design Decoded

4 • CYMK or RGB?
CMYK stands for cyan, magenta, yellow and key, which refers to black. This refers to the four inks used by printers to create colours during the printing process.
RGB stands for red, green and blue. It’s a colour mode which combines the colours to create the images shown through electronic displays, such as computers or cameras.

We always make sure that when documents are being finalized, all images and swatches align with the appropriate colour&amp profile.

5 • Margins
Margins are the empty space surrounding the content on your page. They are generally on the edges of the page and in between columns of text and images. We carefully utilize the space in a margin to ensure a page or spread is carefully constructed.

6 • What Are Crop Marks
We use crop marks as guides for cutting the piece down to the final size. They are the marks on the outside of the printed page.

7 • Which File Type Is Best to Use?
JPEG means Joint Photographic Experts Group, best used for photographs and images. JPEGs are images that have been compressed to store a lot of information in a small file.
PNG means Portable Network Graphics, best for digital and web to combine images with text or line art.
PDF means Portable Document Format, ideal for sharing files that will look the same on multiple screens.
TIFF means Tagged Image File Format, TIFF images create very large file sizes.

Alfa Travel brochure
Saltrock Brochure inner pages Design Decoded

8 • What is Bleed and Trim?
We will sometimes extend artwork beyond the crop marks to ensure it is printed to the very edge of the page. The bleed is part of the page that we get trimmed off during the printing process.

9 • Pagination?
Pagination is the numbering of individual pages in a multipage document. This is increasingly important as documents get larger, for clarity.

10 • What is Composition?
Composition is the way we arrange objects and images on a page or document to ensure it is both aesthetically pleasing, legible and easy to understand.

If you are curious about how we can get started on designing for you, drop us a message! We will put our expertise towards creating you the perfect brochure.

Design Decoded Inspiration
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Shiraz & Daryan

We love this approach to brand identity and photography from the Sweden-based team over at Shiraz & Daryan design agency. Through bold design and detailed photography, they galvanize the brand Boteh by representing the cultural heritage of these beautiful vintage textiles.

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Album of the week

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