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Weekly Wrap Up No. 1

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Roots in Time Community Branding
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Roots in Time Community Branding

What we’ve been up to…

We loved working with Worcestershire City Council and Explore the Past on this work for Roots in Time! Creating a new and fresh brand identity and promotional material for the community excavation which celebrated the archaeology of Norton, near Evesham.

Typography - Roots in Time Community Branding
Direct Mail Poster design Community Branding - Local Designers
Archaeology graphic
Community Branding Roots in Time

Our expression of their Community Branding is reflected by bright but natural colours contrasted with comforting nature-based photography. What do you think about it? Would you be interested in getting involved with their community dig?

Weekly Update brochure design
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Brochure Design

Brochures are still one of the most important sales tools for promoting your company’s message and will help to set your customer on the right path to engaging your services or making a purchase. Printed brochures have survived the digital revolution and have emerged stronger, proving that creative brochure design will captivate and interest an audience and appeal to more senses than anything online.

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Lo Siento

Sleek, simple and elegant! This Spanish agency has brought to life the Italian Sandro Desii brand with effective branding and a clear and well-constructed brochure. Check out more of their awe inspiring work below!

Weekly Update inspiration
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Album of the week

We love a bit of music in the studio so here’s what we’ve been listening to this week.

Sports Team

Gulp! – 2022

Album Of The Week Sports Team