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Cadent Business Photography – Wrap Up

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Cadent – Business Photography

What we’ve been up to…

Not long ago, our team wrapped up a couple of photoshoots with Cadent, who provide gas to many UK households. Our task was to capture the essence of their brand through a series of shoots which explored both a domestic and industrial setting. The shoots intended to reflect the brand’s warmth and focus on their customers, whilst also representing an inclusive environment.

Cadent Location Photography - Business Photography
Cadent Location Photography - Business Photography
Cadent Location Photography - Business Photography - Services

If you’re a business or an individual building a personal brand, original imagery helps in defining your identity. Key colours can be easily introduced to better reflect brand guidelines, and you can choose the exact mood of your brand’s imagery! They help your project stand out in a world flooded with generic stock images.

Our efficient team will work hard to organize the production of shoots just like this, taking a great deal of stress off you! From hiring the right models, makeup artists and even renting appropriate locations – we are committed to ensuring a shoot’s perfection, whilst remaining within a budget.

With our own in-house photographer, we are an excellent choice for taking your business’ photography. If you’re curious just how we could get started on unleashing your brand’s potential though carefully considered photoshoots – drop us a message! We are always more than happy to help and have a chat.

Cadent Location Photography
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Album of the week

We love a bit of music in the studio so here’s what we’ve been listening to this week.


O Monolith – 2023

Business Photography - Album of The Week