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Annual Report Design

An annual report delivers essential information about your company’s achievements, progress and targets and is one of the most significant forms of communication a company can produce. Get in contact with us to see how we can get started building you an annual report!

It is the perfect opportunity to convey key messages, strengthen your brand, engage your audience and build trust in an engaging and compelling way.

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As experienced annual report designers, we will manage every stage of your project. Also delivering a visually engaging and informative report to fit your needs. Whether you need a physical, printed annual report or an online PDF you can email or download from your website, we can work with you to create an engaging and informative annual report. This in turn will will help to set you apart from your competitors.

Annual reports are an excellent way of compiling all relevant information regarding a company’s achievements. From activities to financial performance, it’s important for this information to be easily accessible. We will work with you to ensure your annual reports are designed with quality and professionalism. No matter how long and detailed the contents of the annual report!

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WLEP Annual report

Our Approach to Annual Report Design

Visual Experience

We bring your numbers to life through infographics, charts, and custom illustrations, ensuring that your report is not only informative but also visually stunning.

Storytelling Through Design

We understand that every company has a unique story to tell. Our designers work closely with you to discover the essence of your brand and weave it into the fabric of your annual report. This ensures that your report is not just a collection of facts but a compelling narrative that resonates with your stakeholders.

Working with your Brand

Your annual report should reflect your brand identity seamlessly. We tailor our designs to align with your brand colours, typography, and overall aesthetics, creating a cohesive and professional look that reinforces your brand image.

User-Friendly Layouts

We prioritise clarity and accessibility in our designs. Our layouts are structured to guide the reader through the content effortlessly, making it easy for stakeholders to understand your company’s performance and achievements.

What we do

Print and Digital Designs

We specialise in creating annual reports for both print and digital formats, ensuring that your message is effectively communicated across various channels.

Infographics and Data Visuals

Transforming complex data into easily understandable visuals, we use infographics and charts to enhance the readability and engagement of your annual report.

Photography and Illustration

Integrating high-quality visuals, including custom illustrations and professional photography, to add a touch of authenticity and uniqueness to your report.

Interactive Elements

Elevating your digital annual report with interactive elements, such as clickable charts, animated graphics, and engaging multimedia content.

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