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Albemarle Prospectus Translation – Wrap Up

30th June 2023

Prospectus Design
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Albemarle Prospectus - mockup
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Albemarle – Prospectus Translation

What we’ve been up to…

Albemarle is a prestigious, London-based and award-winning sixth-form college. They have a reputation of high grades and a 100% pass rate, which is impressive! We have produced their prospectus in the past, and were recently approached to create a translation for it in Chinese.

It is important for an educational environment to take into consideration multiculturalism. By having their documents presented in multiple languages, it makes it accessible to wider audiences.

Albemarle Prospectus - mockup
Albemarle Prospectus Translation
Albemarle Prospectus Translation
Albemarle Prospectus - mockup

Are you curious about what our amazing team can offer you in regards to prospectus design? Drop us a message or check out the rest of our prospectus portfolio here. If you need your prospectus presented in multiple languages, we can also help with the design aspect of that!

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Social Inspiration

Geneza Brands

This vibrant branding from Geneza Brands perfectly encapsulates the uniqueness of Cloud Kitchen, a Nigeria-based Virtual Restaurant. The design team maintained a bold consistency across the brand’s whole visual identity from packaging, logo design all the way to the web presence. Amazing stuff!

Albemarle Prospectus Translation - Inspiration
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Album of the week

We love a bit of music in the studio so here’s what we’ve been listening to this week.

Belle and

Developers – 2023

Belle and Sebastian Late Developers album cover