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Weekly Wrap Up No. 8

9 December 2022

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cm graphic
Airband Folding Leaflet Hero Weekly No. 8
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Airband Designs

What we’ve been up to…

Weekly update No. 8 covers how we have been working alongside Airband’s exciting rebrand, creating a variety of graphics for the broadband company. From posters, to envelopes to van wraps and so much more, we’ve incorporated this vibrant branding into various Airband designs!

Airband Designs Logo Weekly No. 8
Airband Designs Direct Mail Weekly No. 8
Airband Designs van mockup No. 8
Airband Designs Outdoor Poster Weekly

The bold colours paired with creative black and white illustrations make for some great designs and also memorable and iconic colour schemes. It has been great partnering with Airband throughout their rebrand and we look forward to lots more work with this thriving brand. Keep an eye out for the blue and white stripey vans!

Pure book layout No. 8
creative mouse branding

Weekly Social

Document Shapes

It is important to consider the shape of a printed document, experimenting with various formats can introduce so much character to your brand! If you’re curious about how you can use exciting and distinct shapes in your printed work – drop us a message or call!

creative mouse branding

Weekly Inspiration


Drift magazine explores the coffee scene across various international cities and depicts the experience of enjoying it with elegance. The magazines themselves are structured beautifully and inspiring. Excellent work!

Weekly Update Inspiration No. 8
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Album of the week

We love a bit of music in the studio so here’s what we’ve been listening to this week.

Twilight Sad

Nobody Wants
to Be Here &
Nobody Wants
to Leave – 2014

Album of The Week Twilight Sad Wrap Up No. 8