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Creative Mouse’s 2023 Wrap Up

20th December 2023

The Team
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It’s Been Quite
The Year!

A creative Christmas…

It’s been a busy and exciting year for the team at Creative Mouse. Collaborating with clients – both old and new, we’ve not been short of excitement. Our team are a festive bunch and the build up to Christmas has been fun – if busy!

2023 Wrap Up Wall
2023 Wrap Up Tree
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Some Highlights
From 2023…

What we’ve been up to…

Approaching our 2023 Wrap Up, we wanted to reflect on some highlights of the year. This was the year that we delved deeper into video, reflected in our work with the brilliant Samuel Windsor. A mix of studio and location shoots demonstrated our ability in both still photography and videography. Another great opportunity to explore photography was a series of location shoots for Cadent, aimed to reflect the brand’s ethos in both an industrial and domestic setting.

This year, we also took a deeper delve into website design and development – some highlights being Hey Disco Baby, The Bulb and Lazenby Page sites. The latter of which we also provided a smart brand identity!

Cadent Location Photography - Business Photography
creative mouse branding

A Great Big
Thank You

To Our Clients

We want to say cheers for a fantastic year of collaboration. Our clients’ have made each project a rewarding experience, and we are grateful for the opportunity to bring creative visions to life. Creative Mouse look forward to another year of exciting ventures together, wishing you a joyful holiday season and anticipating more shared success in the coming year!

2023 Wrap Up Thanks
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Album of the year

We love a bit of music in the studio, but one album in particular really stood out to us this year!


Sanguivore – 2023

2023 Wrap Up Album of The Year